Hallinan Change Projects was formed in 2013 to provide a range of transformation services to the private sector, from delivering complex business change programmes and Digital transformations, designing and implementing fit for purpose governance, providing assurance services, and leading transformation teams. In addition to Exec teams and Transformation leadership, HCP services are particularly valued by Risk & Audit Committees and Internal Audit in understanding the effectiveness of controls applied to deliver sustained outcomes through projects.



Neil spent the first 17 years of his career in the pharmaceutical industry, with the majority of this period focused on delivering increasingly complex change programmes across Health & Safety, manufacturing, Finance, HR, and late stage Drug Development. Having formed HCP in 2013, Neil has provided transformation support to Retail, Utilities and FMCG clients.

His interests include outcome focused delivery and people aspects of change. He has also developed quantitative mechanisms for prioritising organisations’ change portfolios and objective means of assuring transformation projects.

Neil studied engineering at St. John’s College Cambridge, specialising in control electrical engineering. He is a chartered engineer and a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

‘The best way to predict the future is to invent it’

- Alan Kay


Values matter to me and I believe are central to enabling me to work effectively with and deliver value to a diverse range of organisations. These values underpin how I work with clients and the approach I take to delivering transformative change.


I partner with clients in such a way that I am explicitly trusted and viewed as part of your team, rather than perceived as an external consultant. HCP exists to increase value in your organisations throughout the assignment and as a legacy in ongoing operations. From the outset, I seek to understand and then align to your culture.

Respect and Integrity

I have exceptionally high ethical standards, with respect for the individual and the value of diversity. I treat everybody I work with to the same high standards, whether they are the Chairman, a cleaner or a receptionist. I will always call out instances that I observe of unethical behaviour and / or mistreatment of your colleagues.


Naturally, HCP is a people oriented organisation, which extends across all of the services that are provided to clients. Change management is at the heart of everything that I do. I also place great emphasis on rigorous analysis of data and application of processes, which are central to providing the ability to identify strengths within a project or across a transformation portfolio and also highlight weaknesses that risk outcomes not being achieved.


I recognise transformation capabilities vary between and within organisations that I support. I have a pragmatic approach to leading change and know when to scale back processes and tools so as not to overwhelm client’s colleagues. Whilst I always aim to increase clients’ capabilities, I tailor the application of programme controls and transformation tools to ensure full engagement at the time of the assignment and sustainability post-assignment.