The Challenge

Arco was in the early stages of a large scale Digital Transformation programme, in addition to delivering a wider portfolio of other significant business changes. In common with many organisations, there was a belief that too much change was being shaped and that the organisation was approaching a bottle neck where multiple projects would be executed and deployed concurrently.

I was engaged to lead the Digital Transformation, with part of my focus being to develop and introduce mechanisms to allow the portfolio of change to be prioritised, which would ultimately impact:

  • Decision making forums and accountabilities
  • Project managers, moving from a deliverables to an outcome focused approach

Moreover, the transformation team had to remain engaged during this period of change, without disrupting the delivery of in-flight projects.

I conducted a full portfolio health check and assessment across Arco’s in-flight and pipeline of change projects to determine the impact each would have in enabling the organisation’s strategy to be achieved. The analysis was quantitative and included assessing each project’s expected outcomes, how likely these were to be achieved and the complexity of introducing each change to the business.

In addition, I assessed the effectiveness of the transformation governance forums, from project steering, PMO support through to the Exec’s transformation board, including the accountabilities of project managers, business leads and sponsors.

Analysis was carried out through project manager interviews and assessing project collateral to understand how each project’s deliverables enabled the predicted benefits to be achieved. Having carried out similar analysis at other organisations, I was confident that recommendations would include some deliverables being prioritised, some deprioritised and others that were missing to be shaped.

This analysis and subsequent insight enabled Arco’s Exec to make informed decisions, based on data, with confidence and prioritise the portfolio of change (i.e. which projects to start, stop, accelerate or place on hold depending on the contribution each made to achieving the organisation’s strategy and their relative complexity).

Several high profile programmes were placed on hold leading to a reduced volume of projects, allowing the teams to focus on delivery and increase the ability of colleagues to absorb changes.

Neil’s support and insight was provided at a critical point in our Digital Transformation, allowing the Exec to understand which change was most impactful and which could be deprioritised. More than that, the analysis also pinpointed which parts of our strategy would be best enabled through each change.

Digital Director

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