Programme assurance provides organisations with the ability to understand how well individual projects are being controlled, enabling interventions to be made to increase rates of programme success in the event that there is a risk of failure. In other words, programme assurance provides lead indicators of success across the whole portfolio and the ability to take corrective action.

Challenges organisations face:
  • Lack of transparency on true programme performance across the organisation
  • Few or no quantitative measures to indicate the health of their change portfolio
  • Insufficient experience in Internal Audit and Risk and Audit Committees to highlight weaknesses in key programmes and weaknesses in programme methodology across the organisation
  • Lack of independent support to provide a true reflection of the ability to achieve programme outcomes
  • HCP can:
  • Design a quantifiable means of assuring projects, including control checks
  • Conduct independent health checks on your behalf across the portfolio of change. Particularly of value for transformation leaders, internal audit and risk & audit committees
  • Create and tailor assurance dashboards for transformation teams, Execs and Risk and Audit Committees
  • Provide feedback to individual project managers to aid their development and project delivery
  • Independent assurance deployed, enabling improved project delivery and informed discussions at Risk & Audit committee (Arco)

    ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’

    - Benjamin Franklin