Effective governance is essential in ensuring project and programme delivery remain in control. It relies on effective controls being applied correctly within projects, coupled with appropriate levels of transformation governance with clear accountabilities and levels of authority. HCP ensures the value that controls add are understood by project teams and governance forums, and that they are applied correctly.

Controls include, but are not limited to, risk and issue management, benefit realisation management, stakeholder management, dependency management, stage gate approvals, change management and business readiness.

Challenges organisations face:
  • Existing controls are ineffective and their application is viewed as a bureaucratic exercise
  • Project managers go through the motions of completing controls, perceiving they deliver little value
  • Project steering and transformation governance little more than progress updates, as opposed to making value-add decisions
  • The organisation’s primary focus is on project deliverables (e.g. a new system and its functionality) rather than the value delivered by the project’s outcomes
  • HCP can:
  • Audit the effectiveness of your existing project controls
  • Design and deploy fit for purpose project controls for your organisation
  • Design and deploy end to end project lifecycle frameworks, applied to your portfolio of projects
  • Train your colleagues to understand the value project controls provide and how to apply them effectively
  • Assess the effectiveness of and optimise your transformation governance forums (project steering through to Exec / Board)
  • Independent assurance deployed, enabling improved project delivery and informed discussions at Risk & Audit committee (Arco)

    ‘There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.’

    - Sir Winston Churchill