Transformation Leadership is the ability to repeatedly achieve sustained outcomes through the successful deployment of what can often be a diverse portfolio of projects and programmes.

Challenges organisations face:
  • Difficulty in converting strategy to tangible outcomes and deliverables
  • Having too much change to shape and deliver, recognising that there is often more potential change than an organisation has the capacity to deliver, absorb or fund
  • Inability to prioritise projects across the organisation’s change portfolio
  • Gaps in capability of colleagues delivering the change
  • Inability to predict, measure and demonstrate benefits delivered through change. Being too deliverables focused and insufficient emphasis placed on programme outcomes
  • HCP can:
  • Shape your overall portfolio of change to provide your organisation with the ability to select the most impactful projects that will deliver the greatest benefit
  • Assess the ability of your portfolio of change to achieve your strategic imperatives, highlighting and closing any gaps
  • Increase the capability of your colleagues to further improve project delivery, through addressing skill gaps
  • Provide feedback to individual project managers to aid their development and project delivery
  • Shape transformation teams to ensure a balance of skills are in place to deliver the portfolio of change
  • Provide / localise tools to demonstrate the health of a change portfolio, for an organisation’s Exec team and Board, allowing informed decisions to be made on prioritisation
  • Prioritisation of a £60m Digital Transformation programme, removing delivery bottlenecks (Arco)

    ‘Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare’

    - Japanese proverb